web development, the true meaning:

there are loads of web development companies in Mumbai who claim to ‘develop’ eCommerce or ‘dynamic’ (gosh! we hear this all the time) websites but is that really so? it’s like the term ‘luxury’ in real estate. every real estate developer is using it without thought. similarly, we believe that website development needs a deep amount of thought – from consumer behavior and user interface to business objectives and user experience. we’re all about the aesthetics but we never compromise on our technical (behind the scenes) nuances. click on ctrl+u on your windows or a cmd+u on your mac (yes, do it right now) to see what we’re talking about.

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portfolio +more

platforms for web development

we’re one of the few web design and development service providers who offer an open platform for all development. for those of you who’ve met us can vouch for a fact that we’re always stressing on custom built websites rather than template or CMS based websites. the former has a super powered, power-rangered edge over the latter. how? well, would you rather have a custom built sports car or a regular sedan built for some else? or would rather wear a ready-made suit or a custom-made stitch for you? you have your answer. If not, call us on +91 98214 70443 or drop in for some coffee or green tea and we’ll take you through all of it.

our programming languages:

well, from ASPX and PHP and Ruby and MVC on the programming and from CSS, JavaScript, jQuery on the scripting, we do it all. web development in india is growing and so are we. every new day brings about a new story where we learn, explore and come up with a combination of programming and aesthetics that always holds all stakeholders on the same page. a boutique web design company in india like ours is always open to new-age technology and we welcome it with our arms wide open. always remember, your base is HTML and your scripting in CSS – everything else comes over this. we too like to throw fancy words in every pitch but we do it in a way our clients understand. again, call us and we’ll take you through it.

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