what is digital marketing?

if you’re reading this, question to you – is digital marketing and social media the same? If your answer is yes, call us. If your answer is no – apply for a job with us :). people often get confused with digital marketing, online marketing and social media. yes, it’s all by the same service provider or by the online marketing agency but they’re all different. online marketing is a lay man’s word for digital marketing and the latter is the parent category for social media marketing, which covers platforms such as facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, google+, linkedin and more. digital marketing however is a lot more – with display banners, text ads, search engine optimization (seo), in-app ads, mobile browser ads etc. and yes, we do give you all of this, simplified. let’s learn more on this page:

carlson wagonlit travel, delhi
  • executed a STF goto market plan
  • generated >600 leads 1 month 1
  • also did a complete overhaul on UI for their product.
Deliciae Cakes deliciae cakes,
  • increased online sales by 40%
  • boosted mobile traffic by 57%
  • increased smiles and cupcakes supply to us! :)
uniconnect sim cards, mumbai
  • ranking no.1 on top keywords
  • reduced their bounce rate by 14%
  • when we travel, we use their sim cards.
blue bus store,
  • increased SEO traffic by 7% in 1 month
  • reduced bounce rate by 15% in 1 month
  • we love their tees and onsies. you will too.

does seo really work?

everyone, be it you or us, we all look at our bottom line i.e. ROI. if i’ve paid 100 bucks, we need 200 in return. SEO or other online digital marketing is just that. if you choose the right internet marketing agency, you’re sure to get apt results. after seeing the roaring success of SEO, clients sign up a yearly contract where our teams are dedicated to their SEO efforts. mostly all sectors benefit from SEO. why? if not sales directly, the brand that you’re trying to promote grows. we will refrain from saying we are the best SEO company in mumbai or the best service provider in mumbai but we don’t know what else to say :). but yes, give us a shot and we’ll show you magic.

social media – what’s new in this?

several social media agencies in india use platforms as mere notice boards. we, one of the few social media companies in Mumbai, use applicable platforms proactively i.e. as an engagement tool. It’s time to connect and not hold a board waiting for people to come. try us!

our seo report format

I am proud to say that in the past 6 months, from 5% online sales, Deliciae Patisserie now does more than 60% of its sales online. We sell expensive Wedding cakes, birthday cakes for kids, and a whole lot more. Out site is marketed very well, and we are able to drive the right type of traffic, leading to higher conversions. Bo&Mitchi has done an amazing job on SEO. More like magic!

Suchit MahajanManaging Partner, Deliciae Patisserie

social media – does it really work?

what’s the first thing you do every morning? Or the last thing every night? take a glimpse on facebook, instagram, twitter etc.? or maybe more than a glimpse. social media is everywhere. we, as a social media agency in Mumbai strive to use the power of platforms like facebook and instagram (and many more) to engage with your target audience. if you’re a corporate, let’s make linkedin work for you, if you’re a consumer brand, facebook and instagram.

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