do you really need a mobile apps development company in Mumbai to boost your business? Well, in most probability, yes. mobile application has come in with storm and has such great potential since more than 45% of all traffic is now on the go i.e. on their tablets or mobile phones. Like how they say, “any exposure is good exposure”, right? likewise, wherever and however you can reach out to your target is always a good thing to do.

mobile apps design & development

web apps - the future!

we’re strongly recommending web apps to everyone who encounters our brilliant mobile application team in Mumbai, India. web apps are the way to go. why? well, for starters, they don’t need to be downloaded from the app stores. just got on a url, “add to home screen” and voila, your mobile app is ready. okay, it’s not that easy to be the best mobile app just like that but you get the point. click here for a quick demo on how a mobile app functions.

the base for all apps!

it’s all custom & bespoke

we’re one of many mobile application development companies in mumbai creating custom-made iOS and android apps for people with ideas. and yes, they work. our customized and bespoke process of development allows the client to design it to exactly meet the business objective and the process. we will make it based on how you function so you don’t need to come out of your comfort zone. well, that’s obvious but also important before you select the agency working for you.

types of mobile applications development

in all cases, there are 3 types of apps – native, web and hybrid. native apps are the ones design specifically for a particular platform. for example, the apps you see on the apple app store are mostly native since they’re built only for iOS devices. if you need an app development for android, you need to build one separately. on the other hand, web applications are basically websites but they feel and function like a professionally designed mobile application. click here to see what we’re talking about. lastly, hybrid apps, as the name suggests, are a combination of the above 2. a little part of the application is native and some parts are called on the fly making it hybrid.

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