the fun starts after you go live. the below shows you a few examples of our basic AMC package:

annual maintenance contract

things like adding products, editing their pricing, updating the team or even deleting mr.yadav’s (co-incidence, if at all) name is all part of the AMC. starting at just Rs.5,000/month for basic AMCs, we cover all minor edits that crop up from time to time.

is an amc really required?

well, yes and no. if you have the time to sit through and figure out the problems and fix the bugs or to upload data exactly the way it’s supposed to be done for SEO, then no - you don’t need this amc. however, the answer to the above questions is a big no since you really won’t bother after doing it the first 2/3 times. be honest to yourself.

this is where we step in. we’ll take care of everything that’s required to make sure the website maintainence is up-to-date and configured to suit your needs. we have a dedicated maintainenance team doing just this. amm, no they don’t get fed up since we pamper them with music and beers. not.

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maintaining what you’ve built

maintainence contracts don’t just cover the minor updates but also take care of all performance tests, durabililty checks and bug fixes periodically. this helps the product (website and/or app) perform better under all circumstances. our maintainence packages are for websites, custom built portals & mobile apps. sign up to get your amc started today!