web design

oh! see, D for design. yes, we always mention that we have an OCD for design. everything we do, we ensure it looks beautiful – the rest follows! designing acts as the core for all the services we offer. be it web design, eCommerce portals, intra-net projects or even mobile apps, a good design is what sells and what eventually works and has worked for our clients.

portfolio +more
portfolio +more

mobility & responsiveness

when it comes to mobility, general stats show that more than 45% of traffic is now from mobile devices. hence the need for professional responsive websites. by default, all our websites are responsive since they all come with a 4-5 year window for design forecast. our HTML4 and HTML5 experts ensure that the crazy and insane designs that our web designers roll out, meet the web guidelines (as they call it) and other browser and device compatibility tests.

fully custom & bespoke

since our talent is all hand-picked from specialty professional web designing companies in Mumbai, our designs too are hand-drawn, blue-printed, bootstrapped and custom built from scratch. we don’t do any open source platform integration, well unless it’s on special request for a friend (clients are friends). custom websites not only add to the life of the website in terms of scalability, but also add to the ease of maintenance and power to upgrade in the futura, we mean future.

what is UI/UX?

people usually get confused with the term UI/UX. we’ve heard things like “i like the design but where is the UI/UX in this?.” yes, these people exist! but we’re not crying – we love taking them through our designs, specially CMS based, eCommerce or portal designs where each elements is of value and adds to the “experience”, which is the “x” in UX. every website should not only be good looking but also clever. it needs to work for the client and all it’s stakeholders.

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