our search marketing team is fully dedicated to get the best results rolled out for every client. we look at branding as a major component but we also understand your bottom line - ROI.

search engine optimization

we go to the bottom of things to take you to the top! putting you on top positions on search engines is our top priority when it comes to your launch activities. post the website, we kick start our search engine optimization, or otherwise called SEO. give us 3 months and we’ll show you magic. and if you’re not happy with it, we give you your money back! seriously, call us now.

Deliciae Cakes deliciae cakes,
  • increased online sales by 40%
  • boosted mobile traffic by 57%
  • increased smiles and cupcakes supply to us! :)
instarem money transfers, sydney
  • moved to page 1 of Google in 2 months
  • increased SEO traffic by 37%
  • we're also managing their social media. it's pretty neat.
blue bus store,
  • increased SEO traffic by 7% in 1 month
  • reduced bounce rate by 15% in 1 month
  • we love their tees and onsies. you will too.
ss homme,
  • moved to page 1 of Google in 2 months
  • increased SEO traffic by 11% in 2 months
  • their social media is pretty neat too.

does seo really work?

everyone, be it you or us, we all look at our bottom line i.e. ROI. if i’ve paid 100 bucks, we need 200 in return. SEO or other online digital marketing is just that. if you choose the right internet marketing agency, you’re sure to get apt results. after seeing the roaring success of SEO, clients sign up a yearly contract where our teams are dedicated to their SEO efforts. mostly all sectors benefit from SEO. why? if not sales directly, the brand that you’re trying to promote grows. we will refrain from saying we are the best SEO company in mumbai or the best service provider in mumbai but we don’t know what else to say :). but yes, give us a shot and we’ll show you magic.

so..why choose online marketing?

hey, if this is something you jumped over to see whether to go online or not or “should I even consider internet marketing.” seriously? we’re a digital agency for a reason, you know. things you should know, India’s population is growing at around 1.5% every year but the rate at which the web usage is growing is phenomenal – 14%! Of the total, about 20% use the web. so, in a couple of years, this number is going to rocket and hit 30-35%. so yes, it’s time you go digital.

plus, our professional online marketing services are probably the most cost effective and affordable in the market. come over for a free demo on how things work and let’s make the web work for you, shall we?

our seo report format

I am proud to say that in the past 6 months, from 5% online sales, Deliciae Patisserie now does more than 60% of its sales online. We sell expensive Wedding cakes, birthday cakes for kids, and a whole lot more. Out site is marketed very well, and we are able to drive the right type of traffic, leading to higher conversions. Bo&Mitchi has done an amazing job on SEO. More like magic!

Suchit MahajanManaging Partner, Deliciae Patisserie

choosing the right agency

when it comes to choosing an top SEO agency from the gamut of internet marketing companies in mumbai, the key things are reliability, transparency and affordability. reliability ensures you’re on top positions within the stipulated time. transparency makes the company deliver on-time reports with all details and of course affordability sees the pocket. we at bo & mitchi promise to deliver (hence the money back), be 100% transparent (our reports are on an app) and be easy on the pocket (if you grow, we grow).

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